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take action Archive

Address the Health Crisis in Vieques and Clean Up the Island

Reject Renewal of U.S. Bases in the Philippines

Kaisa Ka Stands with Okinawan Women in Denouncing Rape by U.S. Military Personnel

Protest Statement against Sexual Assault by U.S. Sailors and Demand for Withdrawal of U.S. Military from Okinawa

Military Plan for Puerto Rico

Filipino Women March against US Military Expansion in the Philippines and the Pacific

Declaration of the 8th International Women's Network Against Militarism Gathering: Forging Nets for Demilitarization and Genuine Security

Message from the International Women’s Network Against Militarism to the peoples movement for No Naval Base on Jeju!

Relief and Recovery in Japan: U.S. Should Decline Monies from Japan's Sympathy Budget and End Military Dependence Globally

Living Along the Fenceline Film Screening, San Francisco

Remember Nicole, Terminate the VFA

Resolve the Case of Malaya Lolas, Stop Threatening Critics

An Open Letter to P. Noy: Reproductive Health & Education Are Integral To Women’s Rights

WGS and Allies at the US Social Forum 2010

Okinawa Statement on Current Militarization


WGS meets with San Francisco's EPA Office Regarding Guam Build Up

Women's Rights Groups Urge the Philippines to Rethink Guam Military Buildup Bid

Letter to Obama: Guam

Haiti Relief Efforts

Guam Report Back

Ampuatan Massacre

Typhoon Ondoy Relief

News from Guam Meeting

Fundraiser to Guam

7th IWNAM Meeting

Resist Militarism Event in Guam, Puerto Rico and Diego Garcia

6th Year in Iraq

FACES Cultivating Hope

Letters to Obama: Call Out

Global Disconnnects

Security Without Empire: Security Without Bases National Organizing Conference on Foreign Military Bases, Washington DC

Power Shift 2009, Washington DC

Walking on the Fenceline

Know before you Vote: Rethinking SF City Propositions Prop V (decriminalizing the sex industry) and Prop K (re-introducing JROTC in SF schools)

Rally at SF Philippine Consulate

PeaceGAMES Launch Party

No Marines to Guam

No Federalize Mosquito Bay

Human Rights Kashmir


Support Yokosuka Rally

No Acquittal of Daniel Smith

Stop Heliport at Henoko



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