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Don Mee Choi | Yoko Fukumura | Michiko Hase | Nobu Tomita

Don Mee Choi is from South Korea.  She received her Ph.D. from The Union Institute & University in interdisciplinary studies with a focus on modern Korean literature.  She lives in Seattle and translates contemporary Korean women's poetry.  She serves as an interpreter and translator for the Network and the U.S. group.  She is interested in the politics of interpretation in the context of transnational feminist organizing and solidarity building and Korean women's demilitarization and decolonization movements.  She is currently involved in Peace Activists' Dictionary, postcards, and publishing projects.

Yoko Fukumura is a doctoral student in the Department of History at UC Santa Cruz.  She is a member of Okinawa Women Act Against Militarism.  Her research focuses on women’s history in Okinawa with perspectives of Japanese colonialism and nationalism (late nineteenth and early twentieth century) and U.S. colonialism in the Okinawan Islands.  In 2006-7 she will be teaching classes in Okinawan history and gender studies at Okinawa Christian University.

Michiko Hase is originally from Japan, where she received undergraduate degrees in history and economics and a master’s in economics. She holds a Ph.D. in American studies and taught women's studies at San Jose State University and the University of Colorado at Boulder. While teaching women’s human rights, Michiko grew interested in international humanitarian law, and is currently studying law at the University of Washington. Michiko’s research and writing includes sexual violence as a weapon of war and the transnational feminist movement to redress Japan's military sexual slavery. As a bilingual person, she is interested in the politics of translation, accent/linguistic discrimination, and the global supremacy of English. She has served as an interpreter at the Network's international meetings and worked on the Peace Activists’ Dictionary and postcard projects.

Nobu Tomita


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