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LAF postcard

Living Along the Fenceline tells the stories of seven remarkable women who live alongside U.S. Military bases. They are teachers, organizers and healers, moved by love and respect for people and the land, and hope for the next generation. From San Antonio (Texas) to Vieques (Puerto Rico), Hawai’i, Guam, Okinawa, South Korea and the Philippines, their personal experiences of struggle, loss, and courage tell a wider story of communities working to transform the contamination, prostitution, violence and desecration of land and culture generated by US bases around the world. This film inspires our hope and action through the power of ordinary women to resist militarism and create genuine security on their own terms.

    Total running time: 65 min.
    NTSC (PAL format maybe available upon request.)
    Each story runs for 7-8 minutes + introduction and conclusion.
    Play stories individually or specific e.g.

        • Asia-Pacific focus
        • Violence against women focus—Okinawa, Philippines, Korea
        • Environment/sovereignty focus Guam, PR, HI
        • Colonization: HI, PR, Guam, Texas

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These beautiful postcard sets have been created to educate and inspire. 




Sturdy, hip, and one-of-a-kind. These colorful bags are cleverly made out of recycled juice cartons by women of the Buklod Center (Olongapo, Philippines). Colors vary.

Buklod Center is an organization of former bar workers and other urban poor women. The Center provides trainings on women’s health, reproductive rights, violence against women, and small businesses; and helps children who need educational support.  Bukold is a Filipino word meaning “a bond that brings people together.”  You are part of the bond by buying a Buklod bag or letter holder.  All proceeds from these sales benefit women & children of Buklod.

Small Handbag: $10

Medium Tote: $12

Large Tote: $15




Based on the belief that “interpretation is a political act,” this dictionary serves as a bridge that is multilingual, multicultural and politically aware. See dictionary sample.

Japanese-English: $20
(includes shipping)

Korean-English: $ $20
(includes shipping)

Spanish-English: $20
(includes shipping)
Tagalog-English: $20
(includes shipping)
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