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International Women’s Network Against Militarism

WGS has helped to sustain and support this Network. We meet in person every 2 years at international meetings hosted by different country groups. 

The International Women’s Network Against Militarism (IWNAM) was formed in 1997 when forty women activists, policy-makers, teachers, and students from South Korea, Okinawa, mainland Japan, the Philippines and the continental United States gathered in Okinawa to strategize together about the negative effects of the US military in each of our countries.  In 2000, women from Puerto Rico who opposed the US Navy bombing training on the island of Vieques also joined, and in 2004 women from Hawai’i.  The network has expanded during the 2007 meeting in U.S. and the 2009 meeting in Guam.  The last meeting was in Puerto Rico in early 2012.  A timeline showing key events puts the International Women’s Network in historical context.

The Network is not a membership organization, but a collaboration among women active in our own communities who share a common mission

Visit the International Women's Network Against Militarism website at iwnam.org.



Educational Projects
Our current projects are this English-language website which provides a vision of genuine security and educates about the effects of military operations, particularly on women, children and the environment.  We also develop and sponsor educational events, talks, and other resources.

          Fashioning Resistance to Militarism Web Resource


Peace Activist Dictionary (Korean, English, Japanese, Spanish, Pilipino)
This is in English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish and Pilipino. It has grown out of our work together and has served to deepen our communication as a Network.

            The Politics of Translation article
            Dictionary Sample



(Re)Collection: A WGS Quarterly Publication
(RE)Collection is a newsletter that illuminates the work of those committed to a culture of peace. (RE)Collection developed from the collaboration of U.S. based activists who are part of the WGS connection. WGS envisions a world of genuine security based on justice, respect for others across national boundaries, and economic planning that meets people's needs, especially women and children. WGS work toward the creation of a society free of militarism, violence, and all forms of sexual exploitation, and for the safety, well-being, and long-term sustainability of our communities.



Speakers Bureau:  
Women for Genuine Security core group members are available to speak on college campuses, in classrooms, to community organizations and faith-based groups.

Topics include:

  • Militarism and Violence against Women
  • Redefining Security for the 21st Century
  • Military Security: An oxymoron?
  • Impact of military operations on the environment and human health in East Asia
  • Transnational Women’s Organizing: The first ten years of the East Asia-US-Puerto Rico Women’s Network
  • Translation as political work
  • Textile arts in women’s peace work

Please contact us at info@genuinesecurity.org to schedule a talk.


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