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As women living in the United States, our model of organizing transnationally means taking into account the unequal power relationships between the US and the countries where US bases are located.  Taking our own national privilege seriously, we strive to create working relationships that are equal, mutually respectful, and democratic between women across nations.  We seek to avoid recreating the same power hierarchy among us as exists between our nations.  We want to work with women who are doing grassroots organizing, which means that Translation and interpretation is a key component of our work. 

This international network includes strong friendships that have been sustained for over a decade.  We believe that working together is possible despite language difference, cultural differences, and geographic distance because we have forged strong personal relationships, not just based on the issues we care about, but by really hearing and sharing each others’ passions, life stories, and commitments.  Our international meetings last from 4-7 days to allow time for ample translation, and the cultural sharing that grounds our relationships and commitments to one another’s struggles and to our work together.  We also build our connections through country-to-country exchanges of women activists visiting each other for consultation, study, speaking tours, research, and shared inspiration. 

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